Garland Peshtemal // Red

Garland Peshtemal // Red


Cultivate your gypset style with this versatile & chic Turkish Peshtemal. Traditionally used as towels in Turkish baths for centuries, these cotton / bamboo Peshtemals are beautiful and extremely soft.

*Great for travel, hiking or camping. 

*Continue their traditional use as towel.

*Use at the beach for a sarong // cover-up.

*Wear out at night as shawl // scarf.

*Keep cozy & chic on the plane & while traveling.

Lightweight – absorbent— quick-drying.

100% Turkish Cotton/Bamboo.

Crafted on traditional looms in Turkey.

Size: 37" x 70", Tassels measure 2 1/2" additional.

Please NOTE: As each piece is created by hand on looms, each one is unique and may have slight variations. We find this adds beauty & exclusivity to your treasure.

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